Setting up a new home

I sometimes wonder what kind of geek I really am. On the one hand I love playing with new tools, configuring them, adjusting them, and extending them to new functionality. On the other hand I am sometimes very cautious with new gadgets coming along my way.

It took me ages to get my first mobile phone, I was using fvwm into the new millennium and I just recently made the switch from mutt to evolution. Until Gabe Rubin invited me to facebook about the end of 2008 I had no real online social presence, just a ton of mailing list posts (actually I had an old orkut account, but I somehow had lost interest quite early on that).

Usually my reasons were lack of features – what good would a phone be if it couldn’t connect to the net? After all my primary communication medium was emailing. Why should I give up all the nice features of fvwm to track an early KDE or later GNOME? Which one would be the winner (history shows both are)?

When the neophile is also hooked on feature richness you sometimes get this behavioral dilemma. Drilling into a new gadget and exploiting all its features means that you get a lock in on this particular technology or software. When a new gadget comes along you find that migrating over means losing some of the previous functionality.

In a similar way I never really liked any of the emerging pretty-homepage solutions. I also initially didn’t like the idea of presenting myself in the open. With the current state of affairs, e.g. with everyone and his cat having a homepage and blogging off, I don’t feel that exposed anymore, I guess. ;)

Actually I did have an old web page that was more like a dry-and-sober business card. I set it up when I went into freelancing many moons ago, so people googling me could get my email and phone details. But it was less than representative, and it was German based (a “.de” address). Since September `07 I live in Greece, so I needed something new. ATrpms, my primal FLOSS pet was also in desperate need of a face lifting, so I evaluated CMS/blog software and finally came up with a combination of concrete5 and WordPress.

Both parts of the new framework are under construction, especially the design elements, which are not really much more then the default themes. Ideally I will find a nice theme and massage it into both systems to make them indistinguishable, but that may take a while. Until them I’ll add some content, after all it should be the content that matters.

Have fun!

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